BREAKING NEWS!!  Sept. 2023 - Alan retires after 14 years as full-time Director of Steelbands at the Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY. 

Directing the Steelband program at Horace Mann was the opportunity of a lifetime.  I can’t imagine a more supportive environment to teach in; the Music Dept. Faculty, under the leadership of Tim Ho, are all excellent at what they do and very supportive of one another. The administration appreciates and supports the efforts of the Dept. and the students are talented, engaged and a joy to work with.  I was able to write over one hundred steelband arrangements and hear them played. Many are on the Horace Mann website: and some have been published and being sold at It’s a great feeling to know that they sell and are being played around the world.

So why retire?  Having been a full-time performing musician for most of my life, I felt that I wanted to get back to doing that while I still have energy and good health.  The good news is that, having relocated to Ansonia, Ct. (near Bridgeport and New Haven) I’m meeting a lot of excellent musicians in the area and starting to get calls for local gigs (See the Calendar). I am really enjoying having the time to practice all my instruments, drums, vibes, steelpans and mandolin. We acquired  an upright piano, which I am enjoying.  In conclusion, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!